Game of Thrones Secret for Popularity

Did you know why Game of Thrones TV series is very popular? Movie experts have done some studies, what makes this medieval fictional epic TV series very sought after all over the world. You may have your own idea what this TV series is sought after but by reading this information you may learn some new revelation.

Research team from movie industry has created a queries to the followers of the Game of Thrones TV series to learn what is something in the series that people love and continue to watch the series even though some popular characters in the film that you don’t want to disappear are being eliminated in the series or what are the things fans don’t like about the script and the plot of the film. So this research will reveal what really people are up to and this will be a surprise to you.

A prominent Professor from a respective University in the UK stated “the Game of Thrones is very important and very valuable to audience but we are not really sure about it” The team has been doing things to learn what is going on with the series by asking simple questionnaires to past viewers in different series. We can think of this idea, that people in London love fantasy stories especially their own forte like the film The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbits series and many other medieval genre films.

While today research continually conducting studies about Star Wars and why still this franchise very popular to the people. Can Star Wars be more appealing compared to Game of Thrones? Now going back to Game of Thrones, this series as well is different, from critics to the commentators, many decades ago has stated that fantasy has evolved far from what was the norm. Today fantasy has been blended with Science Fiction while books, video games and genre of fantasy materials are escalating to a whole new level. Can this be the thing people are seeing in Game of Thrones?

As the fans answered those questionnaires, they revealed that those fictional worlds in the Game of Thrones series appear to be like a real world. Thanks to the bright minds of the CGI designer and graphic maker. For instance in the Lord of The Rings the world of men, giants, orcs and elves it seems so real that if you watch the very details of the environment, from the dust, rocks, water, trees, sunlight and so on they give life to the film. If you are watching Transformers all series you can see how detailed the transformations of the automobile into giant robots. It’s like seeing a real machine transforming into a living machine with detailed features. Now with Game of Thrones it has new look and features which make it more very real especially the images and surroundings. Another thing about this series, it has unexpected twists and plot, while you follow the series you will learn to love the characters and later on you don’t expect that they are gone. Although some fans dislike this idea as well, killing their favorite characters but one thing for sure they really want to know what’s going to be the end of the film.

This time around the TV series will continue on the winter and an impending war from North. The White Walkers is ready to take the kingdom to war against other kingdoms. Game of Thrones Season 7 is almost here and you can expect that there are things in the film which are very unpredictable from forming an ally to betrayal and many more. So those are the things give us idea why Game of Thrones very sought after. If you want more information about the Season 7 you just have to watch the release this July and see new revelation.

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