All Survival Game Have Amazing Features

There seems to be a bullet heading right towards your cranium this strange stealth survival game filled with English humor. Has you fighting against various enemies in the former robots in order to escape the island you strangely find yourself on stealth tricks and violence are required to pull this off as you will constantly need to scavenge and explore the procedurally generated level it’s a little pricey right.

Now for what it is so we do recommend you wait for a sale if you intend on playing it, the good news is that they recently added multiplayer so now you can bring a friend that can help you survive and fight the robots. This is one of the original survival games that so many others have tried to mimic but nowadays it’s not really considered as much as a survival game as it is a crafting game.

After all the name is composed from two elements and non-survival but let us not forget the original experience that players have been trying to build a house before nightfall. When going out adventuring trying to find materials to build better armor all while making sure their hunger doesn’t go down it sounds like a survival game. If you don’t think it’s intense enough the community has thousands of maps and mods that will make your survival experience on hardcore. The original Daisy was actually a mod for Arma 2 and it was the mod that gave rise hundreds of other survival games similar to how DOTA in counter-strike were also mods and managed to bloom into popular pillars of the gaming industry.

The dayz standalone game is now in early access on Steam and its being updated frequently the gritty open world survival horror game has you scavenging the post-apocalyptic landscape making sure you don’t get irradiated bitten by zombies simply even starved to death.

Another game that’s also receiving constant updates the long dark as you explore the vast frozen landscape that poses all kinds of dangers you’ll have to think for yourself as there are many threats that can kill you the biggest one being Mother Nature herself.

This game currently features an odd story that’s not being narrated to you but you’ll feel compelled to find out more about what happened and who lived in these lands before you arrived in the near future.
They will also be bringing an episode of story to the table and all of season one will be included in the initial price speaking about stories that you just have to figure out for yourself this game has a very disturbing one.

So like many other survival games you’re on a plane and crashes onto an island right but you’re actually traveling with your son and after the crash. You catch a glimpse of some cannibal native talking to your son and taking him away while you’re helpless and soon after you pass out. The weird story that you just have to unravel for yourself your met with the basics of any other survival game build a shelter gather food craft weapons but the intelligent enemy AI will always throw cannibals right at your front door. If you let one escape it will tell the others and they’ll come find you I recommend this game only two people that don’t have heart conditions.

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